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my 95 PGT build

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  • my 95 PGT build

    ok so i guess it time i should post my build thread...
    so i have been in the Probe Game for about 6 years now started out dirt track racing and over the past couple years i have been wanting to get out of that and into a spring / summer / Fall Daily driver and that is where my build starts..

    so Feb of 2016 i picked up my 95 PGT project, got it dropped off at the house and thats where she sat for 6 months or so..

    Over time i have been buying new parts and started collecting them up ..
    Ordered New lower control arms for both sides, New breaks and Rotors all the way around, New sway bar end links, New Outer tie rod ends, New wheel bearings, New Headers, New Wiper blades, New Washer fluid pump. Now after collecting new parts for months i started by taking my motor out of my race car cause that only had 80K - 85K miles on it and i only had used it in 2 races so it was my better option to drop in the project car.. so got it out and off to the side.

    Then pulled the motor out of the Project car and put some missing parts on it and dropped it into the race car.. and it fired right up, Went to move it out of the garage and get the project into the garage where she would be put up on jack stands for winter.. well transmission in the race car broke and fluid everywhere so i just pushed it out to its resting spot so i could get the project where in needed to be in the garage.

    I didnt really start my build untill January or so .. after i put the car in the garage i dropped the motor in and got motor mounts bolted in and let it sit until i started my build..

    so i started by putting my new parts on starting with Headers and then moving on to all the other stuff.. The Headers being brand new had a rough time lining up with the holes.. i actually bought a second set of them thinking they messed up with Fabbing them together.. not the case the second set i bought were actually 5000% worse than what i got the first time with hitting the oil pan and making it far worse trying to get it together.. so i shipped them back and got my money back... so when putting my headers on i found out it was easier to put the back half together first and then use a long 3/8" socket extension to bend the headers into lining up with the bolt holes..

    After that week long shit session with the headers i started putting on the lower control arms, sway bar links , tie rod ends, and new bearings in the spindles, and the breaks and rotors.. got the front all together and started to the back.. tearing it down found that i needed new rear calipers as both were froze ordered new calipers for the rear and waited for them to show up.

    after getting the calipers i put them on and new rotors and pads put on and found out trying to bleed the system that i had a collapsed rubber break line and then i had to go pick up one from the part store. i also picked up a new Clutch master cyl. why i was down there..

    So back at it replacing the break hose and i finally could bleed the breaks.. and i used my new AUTO Vacuum Bleeder tool.....time saver and dont need anyone to help you bleed the system!

    Next i moved on the the Clutch Master cyl.. now this is a pain in the neck Literally upside down under the dash laying on and off the drivers seat ...ugh just a pain in the ass!!! Well when i was changing this i noticed there was a few missing nuts and bolts under there for the Peddle assembly from where the Original owner had done the Auto to Manual transmission swap. so me being me i have a huge container of nuts and bolts from the Probes i have had in the past got to digging and found what i needed to put it together correctly.. So got it all together and the clutch master changed out and bled the Clutch System, again my Auto bleeder tool came in handy !!!!!

    When i was working in the Shop for walmart i got to meet a few people i became good friends with. anyway one guy i met had a 05 Mustang GT and had his old stock 17'' rims still and a guy came in and got new tires and was tossing out his old tires which were 17's and had 75% life left so i picked up the mustang rims and those tires and got me an upgrade !!!

    So i put my new rims and tires on and got a feel for them. They fit really well .. Next i had to figure out what the hell i was going to do with this cobbled ass exhaust system they had on this car before i got it .. was custom 2.5" exhaust they chopped the CAT off before i got it and they have a shitty Borla knockoff Muffler cobble welded to the pipes.. so got a Test pipe instead of running a CAT from there i had a stock flange for where the Res pipe should be but the size is like 1.5" so for a quick fix put together i went to part store and got some clamps and some reducers and bump ups so i could fit it together.. im still looking for a flange with 2.5" exhaust about a foot long so i can piece it together correctly.....

    Got the car together and back on the ground. and this is where the shit got real !!! lol . got the motor all hooked up and fired up but had a horrible idle issue.. tried everything we could think of swapping intakes and throttle bodys and just everything.. still dont know what the problem is ... however i adjusted the idle with the throttle body screw to keep it idling about 1200 rpms.. if i didnt do this the car would die when pressing the clutch in coming to stops..

    I have added a full set of Fast and the Furious Street Glow Pink Neon underbody kit... new Pioneer Stereo system...audiobahn sound system.

    I have changed out the climate control bulbs with pink LEDs and changed the look of the backlight.... also changed out the bulbs for the kick panel on both sides with pink LEDs so when you open the doors the floor is illuminated pink!

    So far this is where im at with my build!! more to come.

    so i am upgrading the Rear view mirror to one from a 2003 Saturn ion with air temp and compass.. here is how ......

    Purchased Items Needed:
    Compass/Temp Mirror ( mine is from a 2003 ion taken out of a salvage yard)
    Mirror Wiring harness

    Ambient Temperature Sensor ( Part # 25775833 )
    Sensor Pigtail
    ATM Add-a-circuit Fuse Tap

    Tools Needed:
    Wire Stripper
    Heat Shrink
    torx bits
    heat gun
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