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How-to: Taller 5th gear using PSE/Escort gears

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  • How-to: Taller 5th gear using PSE/Escort gears

    Link to original thread -

    I was looking for 93-97 Probe SE but someone already took the 5th gear set, so I ended up getting gears from newer escort, but they should be the same.

    So this is what you need
    1/2 impact gun or breaker bar and a lot of muscle.
    32 and 26 mm sockets to get the lock nuts of PGT tranny
    Chisel and punch set
    10mm, 23mm and 17mm sockets

    Click image for larger version

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    So first jack up the car and drain transmission fluid (23mm socket to open the drain/fill plug)

    Remove splash guards

    Then lower the transmission so the end cover clears the frame
    you can do it by removing crossmembers and losing top trans mount (17 mm bolts)

    Then remove 10mm bolts from end cover and pull the cover off.

    Using chisel unlock the lock nuts and remove them (32mm and 26mm)

    Click image for larger version

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    Next step is to remove pin that holds the alum selector arm on the shaft (use punch), you can see the pin from the bottom.

    Remove First gears on each shaft, then grab the whole gear assembly(from syncro to syncro) on the left and pull it off with the selector arm.
    Now we got to the gears

    Click image for larger version

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    Pull them off and replace them with taller ones, then assemble in reverse order.

    When you go to put the lock pin back, you can squeeze the pin with pliers and drive it in with hammer.

    Tq the lock nuts to 95-140 ft-lb and lock the nuts with the punch and hammer.

    scrape the cover and tranny surface, reseal and reinstall it.

    put everything back together, let RTV cure, fill the oil and take it for a spin.

    After I tightened the lock nuts, I put car in 5th and started to see if the wheel are spinning, if they do, you win. make sure both wheel are of the ground to prevent fail.

    here are escort gears on the bottom and PGT on top

    Click image for larger version

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    If anybody wants the part numbers for the lock nuts, I got them from our Mazda store. Mazda recommends you replace them, although its probably not really necessary. They are a little spendy but less than another trans if one were to break or back out.
    F520-17-628 and F521-17-628A


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      Whats the difference between the gear ratio (5th gear) on that Escort and the gear ratio on a MX3 and Probe tranny?

      .717 versus .795


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        put the car in gear, then remove the pin from the shift fork then engage 5th. This in effect locks up the transmission so it is easier to bust loose those nuts on the end of the I/O shafts..but w/e method works.

        You can also use n/a 2.2 1g 5th gear, or a festiva 5th if you REALLY want a big drop in rpm..but I found that the festiva gear is overkill and makes any sort of acceleration tough at highway speeds in 5th..