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    I'm 34 single no kids which might be a good thing . I'm from Tacoma Washington I lived many places I grew up in Cleveland Ohio with my mother and sister. There isn't really anything really special or exciting about me really just a normal guy that likes to eat and a car lover. I have always been into cars as far back as I can remember not sure what really sparked my interest but been into for years. My child hood started out somewhat rough my father not being around much so for years I kind of stayed to myself. I was picked on alot in school I had no friends really but I was ok with that at the time. The two main subjects in school I hated was math and writing which is funny that I'm writing this my teacher said I was really good at it I guess. But back to the car thing for years I wanted to be a mechanic but ended up going to cooking school instead which worked based on what I said earlier I love to eat window win there . So I'm currently working on my 1991 Chevy S10 Tahoe one of my dream car as a kid I had a friend who had one but that's eough about me for now.