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  • A Little History

    I started racing back in the late 80's into the 90's. After I got my drivers license I got out of the r/c world and sold all my equipment. Years later I tried getting back into it but at that point in my life it just was not possible. More years passed, bought a house, got married and eventually had a son. This was when I decided that I wanted to get back into r/c again because I wanted to raise my son to be able to enjoy part of my life that had meant so much to me. Slowly I built up our r/c collection. We built a dedicated hobby room for everything. We even started packaging up our own r/c related products to sell. Lets not forget we started building a backyard track that took up the entire back yard. Things were really starting to come together.

    Then disaster struck. A house fire took everything. We were left with our lives and ashes. We dug through the ashes and recovered as much as we could but nearly everything we tried to recover was done for. We were able to salvage a lot of the r/c stuff but they would never again be the beautiful flawless shelf queens that we had once built. I was heartbroken and stuffed everything into boxes where it stayed out of my sight for the next 5 years.

    Then came a new friend named Rollie. He was into r/c. Mostly large scale, gas and nitro. While it was not the same as my electric 1/10 scale passion he lit a small spark inside me I had blocked off for years. But I resisted yet he had unknowingly pulled me back in. time went by and he kept telling me to get back in. I just blew him off. Time passed and one day Connie (my wife) yelled for me and told me some news she just stumbled across on the book of faces. Someone had posted up an add looking for red clay locally that they needed for an r/c track that was being built very close to us. In other words my wife tossed gas on the spark Rollie had lit..... and it ignited.

    I started digging out the charred remains of my r/c collection. Started cleaning and rebuilding. I will just say this now, I will be restoring my old cars for years to come by the looks of it. My son Paul restored one for him to race. We bought a couple for my wife to race. And we have been working on getting what we need t begin the long road of recovery ahead of us.

    Now with more land we have started the process of clearing out an area to build a track for us top get the practice we will need. Plans are to have it about 60x100, an electronic lap counting system, driver stand, and a brand new shop. This will take a long time to do but will be worth it in the end.

    No plans at this time to hold races. Most likely just a track to practice on for us and whoever wants to join us. But you never know what the future will bring so I will not mark anything off.